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5 min readNov 7, 2020

Some repairs in automobiles fall under the DIY category and can be easily managed by ourselves. But there are some technical repairs where you have to seek the help of professional mechanics or technicians. Let us discuss some of the most expensive car repair scenarios.

1. Coquitlam Cylinder Replacement in Engines

In case of malfunction of cylinders, the mechanic may ask to dismount the whole engine block for overhaul. Repairs of cylinders are typical and may cause more damage. It is much better to change the entire engine than trying to get only the cylinders repaired.

2. Hybrid battery pack

Over time a hybrid battery pack loses its capacity to recharge just like other rechargeable batteries. The parts of hybrid cars are scarce and hence very costly to replace. Hybrid cars are more environment friendly when compared to combustion engines. These cars are becoming popular. Till then, hybrid battery pack repairs will continue to remain expensive.

3. Engine transmission

A problematic transmission means that the flow of power from the engine to the driveshaft is affected. You may not turn the wheels as desired that could stop the car abruptly.

4. Single-use airbags

You can use an airbag for only one single time. Even a minor accident or a shock can trigger multiple airbags. Since they are single-use, we must replace them. Sometimes you also need to replace the glove box and steering-wheel for the re-installation of airbags.

5. Changing the suspension system

Frequent Bumps on the roads not only rock the passengers but also damage the car suspension considerably. You may replace or repair parts of the suspension system for minor issues, E.g., Springs, struts, rods, etc. But it becomes one of the expensive repairs when changing the complete suspension of an automobile.

6. Clogged Camshaft

The camshaft controls the engine’s airflow, but dust and grime also flow with the air and clogs the camshaft. The camshaft needs to be unclogged and cleaned regularly; otherwise, it may break, calling for an expensive repair on the spot.

7. Head Gasket

A faulty head gasket can overheat the engine because the oil and coolant spray out due to its malfunction. The procedure to change the head gasket is labor-intensive and costly even though the spare part itself is not expensive.

8. Catalytic converter

Nowadays, almost all the vehicles come with preinstalled catalytic converters as it reduces air pollution by converting highly toxic emissions to less harmful. Usually, problems in the converter are not repairable, and you have to replace the converter.

9. Brake pads vs. brake line

It is cheaper to change the brake pads. But sometimes, the entire brake line gets damaged and needs to be replaced as it supplies fluid to the brakes.

Due to safety reasons, it is better to replace the entire brake line than patching up the defective areas. And that comes at a hefty amount.

10. The compressor of the air conditioning unit

Failure of the compressor is the most common problem in an air conditioning unit. Usually, the valves and rods inside the compressor break due to wear and tear, making the entire compressor useless.

An air conditioner is necessary for too hot or too cold climates, and the compressor’s failure will make the AC stop colling. The replacement of the compressor unit is quite expensive.

11. Taking care of expensive repairs and general tune-up work

For old or heavily used vehicles, you may need special tune-up sessions with a reliable mechanic. He may detect potentially significant issues, which could mean more expensive repairs. But, before you hand over your precious car to the mechanic, you need to be sure of the following:

  • An estimate of repairs to be done
  • Experience of the mechanic for the make and model
  • Details of the repair work required
  • Scope of Unexpected maintenance, if any
  • Warranty status — are there any parts already covered?
  • Detailed Invoicing for the work done
  • Customer reviews for feedback
  • Affiliation to popular automobile associations

12. Diagnosis as per Engine light indicators

The engine light indicators are programmed so that whenever there is a problem detected by the onboard system, the light gets turned on for the specific problem area. Some of the lights are very basic, e.g., handbrake, battery, etc. and can be handled individually. But some engine lights indicate severe problems and need experienced people for handing the potential malfunction and significant repairs. Some of the critical issues that engine lights may indicate are:

  • Failure of the oxygen sensor
  • Fuel pump malfunction
  • Issues with catalytic converter
  • Spark plug failure
  • Vacuum leakage
  • Dead battery
  • Mass airflow sensor failure
  • Ignition coil problems
  • Valve failure in the exhaust gas recirculation

13. Air conditioner problems

The air conditioning unit is also a critical comfort factor in the automobile and always needs to be kept in good shape. It is a significant part of the user experience, and we must understand some of the pressing problems related to the AC unit.

a. Leakage of refrigerant

Over time, the refrigerant may leak from compressor, seals, pipes, condenser, etc. Since refrigerant is responsible for the cooling in the cabin, the leakage directly affects the cooling, and the unit starts throwing hot air into the cabin area.

b. The blower motor may not be working

It is possible that due to a minor electrical problem, the blower stops working. The job of blower motors is to provide power to blowers for throwing air from behind the dashboard.

c. Coolant level

The coolant level may go down, or its leakage may cause cooling problems in the AC unit. The coolant absorbs friction heat from the engine, which flows to the radiator to swap heat with the colder air outside. It then recirculates the air to the engine. The heater may not get enough heat due to leakage or shortage, and air blown into the cabin may not be warm enough.

d. The heater core is not working

Due to corrosion and dust, the heater core’s heat exchanging capacity gets reduced to a large extent, leading to AC’s malfunction.

FAQ: What is the difference between a technician and a mechanic?

Ans: Do you know the difference between the two? A mechanic uses his hands to repair, whereas a technician uses a computer to check the problem.

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